Ayakashi Ghost Guild Hack

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How to use the Ayakashi Ghost Guild Hack 

The Ayakashi Ghost Guild Hack v 2.7 is very simple to Use! In order to make the Hack Process a Success, you just have to follow a few simple Steps. Please be sure that you follow all steps excact as explained here. First of all you have to run the Ayakashi Ghost Guild Cheat. You will notice a Patcher, this guarantee you always the Latest version. If the Patch Process is completed the Ayakashi Ghost Guild Hack will popup. Now you have to Connect your Mobile Device with USB to your Computer. It´s important that you dont run Ayakashi Ghost Guild! Ready? Just click on Connect now, and wait until your Mobile Device is Detected. This is very important without a Connection the Ayakashi Ghost Guild Hack dont know on which path Path he should Change the Item Algorithm. So, now you can choose the amount of Coins, Silver Apples and Gold Apples. After those steps you can Click on Start and run the Tool.

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